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Woody's Signature Beef Jerky

Serrano Lime Beef Jerky

Tender Beef marinated in Lime juice , Garlic and Fresh Serrano Chilis!


Original Beef Jerky

Tender slices of Prime Beef marinated slowly to insure tnederness and flavor. A real treat that the whole family can enjoy. 

Juan Spice Too Many Jerky

Everyone that works at Woody's is cross trained to do any job. Our employee Juan was making the original jerky one day when he realized that he has used Cayenne Pepper in place of paprika in the marinade. It came out so great with a small bite on the back end that Juan Spice Too Many was born. 

Airborne Heat Jerky

When my son was with the elite 82nd Airborne, he was deployed to Afghanistan shortly after 9-11. We sent care packages on a regular basis and included in each was a batch of Raspberry Habanero jerky. They all share everything in a War theatre and this jerky was so loved that we named it after them. Thank a Soldier today. 

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