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Woody's Signature Seasoning and Rubs

Grilling Salt

This is a traditional Santa Maria style spice blend of Salt, Pepper and Garlic. We have added a rubbed Sage to lift the flavors of whatever you use it on. 


Our first spice blend. Everyone in Santa Maria who is anyone makes their own spice blend for the Santa Maria BBQ. This is an all-purpose blend with a lemon pepper base. Bes on lite meats (chicken, pork, etc...) but still marvelous on beef. A real treat. 

All Purpose Seasoning 2.0

Our second spice blend. This is an all-purpose spice with a Salt, Pepper and Garlis base. Best on beet but it still rocks on lite meats (chicken and fish especially...)

No Salt! Seasoning

Finally a barbeque spice blend that you can use on virtually any meats or veggies that actually tasts really good (just needs a little salt).

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